We teach actual quick ways to make a living in the comfort of your home. Welcome to A Brand New Way of Thinking. The whole idea of this website is to share my experience on how I managed to create and improve my income online with no upfront cash involved. I’ve invested my time by outlining my best methods for future entrepreneurs to use for themselves.

The truth is anybody can make money from using the internet, even in Springfield MO, but you must be mastering a market that can be served online. What is your practice? What is your skill? Your technique? Do you have a set of skills? If not, get a few by starting here. Follow the step by step guide to making serious money online. First, you need a website.

how to start a blog on wordpress

Step by Step Guide on How to Replace Your Corporate Job Income

1. Research Your Market

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Very important! You can find out how small or big your market weighs by using the free traffic tool called SEM Rush. The minute someone hear about a product or service, they’d research its significance through their favorite search engine, likely Google since it searches are very relative, so, it only makes sense to use search engine behavior tools to analyze these statistics.

Great programming engineers have created tools to track search behavior which serves as a plus for webmasters like you and I. Try it out by visiting, Type in keywords that is laser related to your subject inside SEM Rush toolbar and and press search. Copy and paste a list of related keywords pertaining to your subject inside notepad to keep an sustainable archive of keywords to target, this reference is important.


2. Launch Your Blog

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My favorite web hosting company for supporting my domains is Bluehost is the #1 company for registering a domain and using a shared hosting plan, this is super easy to setup, just chat with a customer service representative online, soon you’ll have your website setup. Remember, you’ve researched your field or market, now take those main keywords that shows promise, great search traffic stats and use them with your brand name.

For instance, you are in the automotive industry and your desire is to share information on red cars that has a traffic volume of 2,400 searchers per month. Create a simple name such as and brand this term heavily. We’ll explain branding later on just remember to fuse your main keywords with your core brand name, it’s important.


3. Create Good Content


Good content goes a long ways in your strategy to obtain new leads, content is the most centerpiece of your masterpiece for creation, the benefactor and reason you have a website is to appease your audience. Study different types of content that can be used to describe a problem you are solving, you have three distinguishable content types that you can utilize to immediately establish content that serves the same purpose deliver brilliant content and here they are.

(1)Video: Have a decent mobile phone that can record and generate high definition picture. I say mobile phone because rather than the standard video cam recorder because built-in mobile video technology is faster for uploading to any video website.

(2)Text: The original content of all is text. When everything else fails you can always publish an article about your product through many online press release websites.

(3)Images: Pictures can tell a million stories, use them for content.


4. Start Marketing Blog Post


– So, you’ve reached a level wherein you can start marketing or promoting content published on your website. You have multiple techniques to gain eyeballs in any arena which includes thousands of social media outlets, search engines, video promotion, press release, social bookmarking.

Offline marketing such as flyers, eddm(every door direct mail), door hangers, and postcards. The whole idea of promoting a product or service is to not only build a customer base, but build a strong brand so that people can remember you, therefore purchase from you. The most important aspect of marketing is communication. Gain that skill as people, customers, leads are better converted when they understand what you represent.

Video is amazing, try to focus it for branding yourself or business. The Robocat banner was designed by me, not much but it is done. Setup a nice logo, go to to get a decent one for five bucks if you don’t have knowledge of designing one for website.


5. Join Affiliate Networks

affiliate network

Now that you’ve gained an audience from all that hard work in creating content, you must capitalize on all of that traffic you are generating. Got 2000 visitors per month? If so, it’s time to convert a fraction of those visitors into buying customers. Now you have hundreds of thousands of ways to start earning a lot of money online.

However, I suggest three ways to perform for income online. Either join an affiliate network that contains thousands of programs, launch an e-book if you have information to sale, create a physical product and earn well through paypal with it, or try Google’s Adsense publishing program to earn cash for every click you manage to generate which is my last suggestion for making money online.

These are just a few examples, the sky’s the limit in how you wish to capitalize on your creative blog content.


6. Start Making Money Online


The amount you make depends on your strategy, willingness, passion, and determination to sum up all of the mentioned methods above together. You can try to earn money through surveys but it is not up to me to tell you that surveys are a waste of time, they are! If you truly position yourself in a market and follow the steps given, the you can make serious doe online without wasting your time with programs that are no good.

You might not earn a dollar today, but you can start building your empire one step at a time. Do you have a market you’d like to compete in? Don’t compete with others, you must compete with your own self to succeed with whatever you have a desire to achieve. You can make money online without investment or for free using the methods above, Now, learn, and earn!


The Benefits of Running Your Own Business

  1. You instantly become the boss of your own destiny.
  2. Earn as much as you want throughout the day.
  3. Help people get what they want, need, or like.
  4. Enjoy tax break benefits that business owners receive.
  5. Buy nice cars, houses, and other perks.
  6. Spend more time with your family members and friends.
  7. Escape the 9 to 5 rat race that 98% of us experience.
  8. Work your business from your computer at home.
  9. Take trips anywhere around the world with no ties.
  10. Car or no car, you are free to do as you please.