Motor Club of America Scam

Motor Club of America Scam or MCA Scam refers to an ongoing debate, opinions and claims pertaining to the legitimacy of the automotive organization, MCA. Controversies are widespread, particularly through independent media outlets. Stated fraudulent allegations stems from blogs, social media groups, video publish networks, etc.

Allegedly, independent published media persist on passing MCA off as a pyramid scheme with no evidence or factual documents. To combat and protect the integrity of the corporation, agents, members and affiliates utilize several forms of online communications to decimate unappropriate discussions affiliated with MCA.


MCA Referral Program Controversy 

MCA Referral Program or MCA Careers arm tends to draw the majority of negative reviews. Despite the enormous attention, the company is still in existence. A great proportion of long-lasting members reassign as authorized agents, promoters, distributors or sales associates to appoint motorist for coverage. In turn, the associate receive a commission or referral fee after the transaction is complete.

Motor Club of America has raised many eyebrows concerning the insatiable corporate compensation payout structure. MCA pays associates twice as much(200%) the payment per member for every one customer that signs up on a single membership plan. MCA compensates their associates by via direct deposit on Fridays.  At least a single sale made or more per week, will guarantee the associate earn the percentage in the agreement.

Associates are granted two ways to promote the offer; recruit a team to do the selling for them, then earn occurring team profits or focus on pure direct sales. Although individuals market the service a variety of ways, skeptics dispute, and question if the methods are unethical practices. The argument surrounds agents mentioning the business opportunity more than the benefits to potential consumers in order to boost and increase sales.


Ripping Off Consumers

Speculators suggest participants pay excessive charges compared to existing Motor clubs on the market, based on speculation. This hypothesis occurred in the beginning of 2013, then expanded over segments at a time.


Unofficial Evidence of Scam Claims – Independent Point of Views

The accounts made has no legible proof, or practicality in order to confirm the accusations, therefore, these are deemed unauthorized assertions. Without proper evidence or documentation, proving the road service company is bogus, it has been fairly difficult and unconvincing to share information that is accurate against MCA. The following list are statements and links that have not been verified as sources or interpreted for personal use, these are strictly examples of postings of those who oppose MCA and those who enjoy the benefits.