Motor Club of America Benefits

Motor Club of America or commonly known as MCA is a roadside assistance monthly membership service based in Oklahoma and operated by a company called TVC Marketing Inc. The operation act as a support system for sustainable auto-related situations. Customers report problems with their automobile (lightweight mechanical related ie. flat tire, engine trouble, fuel, locked keys in car, or loss of battery charge) to MCA. Afterwords, an auto mechanic provider is sent to the immediate area of the downed vehicle to get resolved.

Motorist can choose from one of the five unique MCA plans listed; security, total security, security plus, total security gold, last but not least, total security platinum. Total Security Platinum garners extra auto features, including extended beneficial advantages than the first four plans mentioned above. Major plans are also available for operators of conventional automobiles such as truck drivers.

With over 7,000,000 paying members, the organization thrives heavily due to distributors referring policies to other motorist. Highly motivated sellers use focused organized marketing to achieve maximum exposure for the company which leads to several sales. Subscribers are issued a motor club card, wellcard, and brochure listing all available benefits at their disposal. Services are exclusively for countries United States and Canada only.


Competition & Limitations

While there are many who haven’t figured out what is MCA, it has changed the direction motorist view emergency road services in several scenarios. The effect is so contagious that other big brands has taken notice of its success. Competing companies has launched roadside assistance features within their “already existing” organizations. The goal is to become apart of this booming industry of automotive help-related services which wasn’t so profitable in the early days.

The goal is to attract and up-sell motor operators on items within their brand; car insurance, car tires, auto upgrades, and more. While this is clever, other service providers truly have your interest in mind. Several would add additional features to entice buyers to purchase their packages for extremely cheap yearly prices while few settle with the standard auto service help menu.

Some new car buyers claim, “my dealer provides me with towing”. Yes, but for certain scenarios at a limited time under warranty. The big myth about roadside assistance with new cars is the car dealership that motor operators purchase their vehicle from will supply them with a lifetime of roadside assistance, not true.

In fact, it’s limited to a certain part of your car that is defective triggering a national recall. While the gesture for a company to provide alternative road service help for motorist, the offer on the table is lesser than what is expected. To be very clear, 5 miles per towing service call is not enough for drivers who depend on a company to have their automobile towed at the desired location for processing.


Unlimited Roadside Assistance = Unlimited Help

Motorist are always on the verge of entire meltdown when they breakdown on the road which is why Motor Club of America has stepped up to the plate. The organization has been around for over 80 years and boast over 7,000,000 members to this date. If you’ve been living under a rock, for almost 5 years the company has been garnering most of the light in the auto road servicing industry and for a good reason, they’ve kept the motorist interest in mind.

Check out the 5 reasons to join Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance company, written from personal experience I’ve managed to enjoy with MCA . Understand why MCA is popular and has become a major influence within the automotive industry.


1. The Cost is Cheap but Quality is the Best

motor club of america

When I decided to give this service a run, I didn’t expect to see much from it until I ran into several automobile mechanical issues that I thought would cost me a fortune for quick road service assistance.  I’d ordered the Total Security Plan that had been promoted highly over the internet. At the end of the day of doing business with the service, I was absolutely surprised of how professional the company handled my situation.

They’d connected and dispatched a tow truck without me having to search the yellow pages or my mobile phone for help. Here’s an example of how the company operates after connecting with a roadside assistance customer service representative :

  • First, they will ask for your MCA membership ID#
  • Now, you must verify your first and last name
  • Explain the nature of the situation you are having with your vehicle
  • Give details of the vehicle; color, license plate#, 4-door or 2-door
  • You are asked the location of your disabled vehicle
  • Now, you are given the option between a flatbed tow truck or regular
  • Okay, the operator will give you a call back in a few minutes after finding a tow company for the job.
  • The operator will issue you details on the servicing company and then remind you to remain with vehicle until the specialist arrives to your location. You must present your membership card for verification, that’s it.
  • After the job is complete, the company calls you back to make sure you were satisfied with the towing service that attended to your needs.

2. You Have Full Access to All Road Servicing Features

mca roadside assistance

Lightweight mechanical problems will no doubt occur on occasion if you are an avid daily driver that commutes to a job, take kids to school or travel from state to state frequently, mechanical mishaps can render your automobile disabled. Depending on strangers or friends to bail you out of tight auto assist situations shouldn’t be the first option.

Fortunately, Motor Club of America membership covers the simplest form of vehicular problems to those that find themselves in a difficult predicament and need immediate assistance, dubbed, “sign ‘n’ go”. The mechanical services listed below can be applied to your boat, motorcycle, car, RV, pickup truck(over 1 ton), and livestock trailer.


[Road Servicing Features]

  • Towing Service – 100 Miles per tow can take your vehicle a long ways to have your car problem rectified as soon as possible rather you want to have your car towed back home or directly to the auto shop for repair. You are covered with 36,500 miles per year for every incident that requires towing. MCA has formed partnerships with thousands of emergency auto help services throughout the United States & Canada for the convenience of every motorist to be accommodated quickly by the nearest shop in the area.
  • Battery Recharge – Ran out of battery life? MCA sends help to recharge your battery whenever your car battery dies.
  • Locksmith Service – Locked your keys in the car by mistake? MCA sends help to recharge your battery.
  • Mobile Tire Change – Caught a nail in your tire during travel? MCA sends a mobile tire service specialist to switch your tire with a spare. Have your spare ready to be replaced with the damaged tire.
  • Fuel Delivery Service – Ran out of gasoline before you could reach the gas station? MCA will send a specialist your way to refuel your automobile, and of course, you pay for the fuel once the specialist arrive to apply it to your car.


3. You Get Exclusive MCA Discounts, Benefits & Coverage

mca benefits

As an addition to MCA roadside assistance membership each person will receive, discounts and legal benefits are also issued. MCA has connected with major service brand groups and companies who’ve agreed to participate in the program to members a bundle of money on expenses during travel, personal, or for recreational reasons nationally.

By mentioning TVC Marketing Inc., to the company you are being discounted by, they’ll find and credit you for the discount. The motive was inspired for the sole purpose of helping users retain a portion of funds from each service transaction. Also included, legal benefits in case of an incident or if faced with the law. Here’s the following list of valuable discounts, benefits & Coverage.


Overall MCA Review

Exclusive Product & Service Discounts

  • Hotel Discounts – Get up to 15% off hotel discounts. Book a reservation today.
  • Car Rental Discounts – Get up 50% off car rental discounts.
  • Medical Prescription – Get up to 60% off generic prescriptions and up to 25% off name brand prescriptions.
  • Vision Care Discounts – Get up to 60% off for vision care & products. 15% for Ophthalmology services such as Lasik.
  • Dental Care Discounts – Get up to 50% off for most general fees.


Travel Benefits

    • Travel Assistance Reimbursement – Receive up to $500 for a local auto accident when any vehicle you are driving is disabled: local car rental benefit. For auto accidents more than 50 miles from home: Get meals, lodging and transportation.


  • Travel Assistance Program – If you find yourself in a medical emergency that has you 100 miles from home, you can receive assistance as a covered MCA member:
  1. Medical Consultation
  2. Care for Minors Prescription
  3. Assistance Medical Repatriation
  4. Return of Mortal Remains
  5. Emergency Evacuation
  6. Hospital Admission Guarantee
  7. Legal Referrals
  8. Medical Evaluation
  9. Including Much More


  • Trip Planning & Travel Reservations – Personalized travel services anywhere in the United States & Canada reservation service provided through MCA’s professional travel service: Detailed Routes, Maps & Brochures, Airline Discounts, and Hotel Info & Discounts.


Legal Benefits

    • Arrest Bond Certificate – Your membership card will be accepted as cash worth $500 when you are involved in a traffic violation. Not Available in California.


    • Bail Bonds – You have access to $25,000 to release you from jail when you are driving and charged with a covered moving traffic law violation that includes vehicular manslaughter and negligent homicide.
      See membership contract for details. NOT applicable when charged
      with any drug or alcohol-related matter; driving without a valid
      operator’s permit, license, or tag; a felony; leaving the scene; past-due
      citations; parking or environmental charges; appeals or warrants.


  • Covered Attorney Fees – Receive up to $2,000 attorney expenses:
    1. Up to $200 for covered moving violations.
    2. Up to $2,000 for negligent homicide or manslaughter arising from a covered traffic accident.


    Any fines or court costs are member’s responsibility. NOT applicable
    when charged with any drug or alcohol-related matter; driving
    without a valid operator’s permit, license, or tag; a felony; leaving
    the scene; past-due citations; parking or environmental
    charges; appeals or warrants.


Legal Benefits #2

    • Exceptional Attorney Fees – Get up to $1,000 for attorney fees.
      1. Up to $500 for personal injury.
      2. Up to $500 for vehicle damages.

      Any fines or court costs are member’s responsibility. NOT applicable when
      charged with any drug or alcohol-related matter; driving without a valid
      operator’s permit, license, or tag; a felony; leaving the scene; past-due
      citations; parking or environmental charges; appeals or warrants.

    • Stolen Vehicle Reward – Up to $5,000 to protect your vehicle by discouraging theft. Reward will be paid to law enforcement or individual responsible for information leading to the arrest or conviction of thief.


    • Credit Card Protection – Receive up to $1,000 for credit card protection when stolen, or thief held liable for misuse. Free registration is available for credit cards you have in your possession for protection.


  • Lead to Arrest & Conviction – For information leading to the arrest or conviction of a member’s stolen property. The reward will be paid to any private citizen, law enforcement or agency. The reward can be up to $500 which covers the stolen following items:
    1. Livestock
    2. Saddle or Tack
    3. Livestock/Implement Trailer
    4. Tractor or Farm Equipment


Emergency Coverage

    • 5 Point Emergency Program – As a member of MCA you are covered 24 hours 7 days a week whenever you are injured in a covered auto accident and hospitalized as result of the injury no matter if you are: At home, at work, during recreation around the corner, or in another state.


  • Emergency Funds – Receive up to $500 in emergency funds as a member for emergency room cost related to a covered accident provided in a trauma center or emergency room which includes.  You are permitted up to $100 for the following:
  1. ER facility
  2. Anesthesia
  3. X-Rays
  4. Ambulance Services
  5. Casts or Splints


  • Daily Hospital Benefits – You will receive up to $54,750 in hospital benefits. You can receive up to $150 a day in for 365 consecutive days for hospital room and board.
    Benefits are for hospitalization as the result
    of injuries sustained in a covered accident.
    Underwritten by Individual Assurance Company.

Accidental Death Coverage

  • Accidental Death Assurance – You estate receives up to $10,000 if you was to pass away within 90 days of a covered accident as a direct result from your injuries sustained from that accident.
    Underwritten by Individual Assurance Company.

4. You Can Join the Referral Program to Start a Career

mca careers

Your chance to earn a good income by launching a small business career at home with TVC Marketing Inc’s Motor Club of America associate program have never been a better time and possible. The opportunity to become a sales associate for MCA is one of a kind. No Motor Club in the United States or Canada contain such a lucrative opportunity, than MCA Careers whatsoever in the automotive industry.

Plus, the compensation plan is not only attractive, but can be extremely profitable for those who desire to earn a living in direct sales, there are no limits to how many policies you can issue. Otherwise, make as much money as your heart’s desire. The MCA work from home independent sales associate position is easy as filling out a form and began putting your creative marketing mind to action.



[MCA Compensation Plan]

For each personal enrollment you generate from issuing policies to motorist, you are paid 200% in commissions, that is between $80 – $90 per referral. The company pays associates every week on Friday. The referral program is available to join at anytime you are prepared to start earning money in your spare time. You are equipped with a free affiliate website from TVC Matrix upon registering, including marketing tools for specifically promoting the services.

While marketing the program online is most popular since it’s quicker to reach your audience, knowledge in the internet marketing space is not necessary, operating your business offline can be a great success too. Here’s a quick lineup of how much is possible to make depending on how many sales you generate per week.


mca compensation plan


MCA Scam Allegations

The Motor Club of America Scam allegations began to takeoff after sales associates began displaying money made marketing the services. The idea was to inspire others to join by proving that the corporation is legitimate and paying its distributors well.


5. You are Apart of an Real Organization Who Cares

motor club of america sign up

The assessment on Motor Club of America was contemporary after I’d purchased a MCA Total Security membership. An associate of the company introduced the entire program to me under 20 minutes, afterwords, I’d decided to give MCA a try.

Putting it to use the very next day to observe how practical the integrity of how MCA panned out, instantly, I was sold, keeping my membership active. No doubt, the quality I’ve experienced during this observation or first time use was very satisfying. The customer service dispatch team, roadside assistance features, benefits, and discounts place MCA ahead of their competitors.

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