Motor Club of America History


motor club of america history

MCA History

Started in 1926, Mr. William W Green founded Motor Club of America (Originally known as Motor Club of America Insurance Company, the subsidiary). As the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of MCA, For over 60 years in the United States of America, Mr. Green had advanced his company to greater heights with the assistance of several members of his family up until the end of 1986 Atlantic City, NJ, things had only gotten better.

In 1987, TVC Marketing Inc, better known as “Truckers Voice in Court”, deal with truck drivers who needed legal representation in court for automobile related incidents. This company was launched and lead by no one other than Mr. Virgil Coffee for almost 3 decades.As a native of the state of Texas, Virgil didn’t get his start with TVC but was a master in marketing during the 1960s.

Putting his marketing genius to work, he played a major part in the success of the now fortune 500 company, Pre-Paid Legal (Legal Shield). The detailed marketing proposal for Pre-Paid Legal (Legal Shield) was commissioned by Mr. Coffee which proved great results for the accomplishments obtained during his presence at that company.


With major experience in the Sporting Goods industry, Virgil had a stake in many retail stores, but sold them after making a decision to head towards Oklahoma and join the Motor Club industry to issue policies in which he’d soon reign as president of the company before launching his own startup, TVC Marketing Inc. 

Moving Forward

His presence at TVC Marketing had extended to new levels, as he continued to move forward with his career at Pre-Paid Legal, now known as, “Legal Shield” for coming years. His Prowess as a marketer helped his company see huge gains and returns over the course of many years.

These marketing methods were used to catapult TVC Marketing in the automobile industry through road service membership distribution. The organization consistently defy the odds today while cementing (MCA) Motor Club of America as a huge player.

TVC Pro-Driver, a policy issue used by truck drivers, was the only flagship product at TVC. The company opened its doors to the everyday motorist in the coming years. The packages had refreshed with service benefit savings and more

Basically, this include unlimited travel roadside assistance for the average driver throughout the United States and Canada. Exclusive discounts, health & leisure discounts, credit card protection, legal benefits was additional.


Memberships for the Everyday Driver

Overall, MCA created three type of packages for deployment. The security memberships release to the public was in the beginning of 2011. That includes MCA Security, MCA Security Plus, and MCA Total Security which is our bestseller (flagship product). The United States & Canada carry these plans exclusively.

Also, benefits and savings are available for use, along with the opportunity to become a sales agent of MCA. Once you are a sales agent, you can begin generating a weekly income.  Introduce motorist who need roadside assistance coverage to the company and you earn a commission once sold.

Motor Club of America has developed advance plans and are available for purchase. The MCA Total Security Gold and MCA Total Security Platinum plans is now available in 2012. Last but not least, over 6,000 auto repair and service centers nationwide are available through the newest editions provided by MCA.

People interested in saving money for auto related expenses will see this as a great deal. Legal benefits are increases as you upgrade your membership package. Motor Club of America with its founders, and sales associates are 7,000,000 members strong. Most of all, we believe in keeping the public safe while structuring a better lifestyle for the average motorist.