How to Make Money Online with Black Panther Fast & Now

make money online with black panther

Let’s be real, everyone wants to learn how to make money online, but it takes passion and desire. People are born with an ambition to fight their way to the top, regardless of the obstacles that lay ahead. With that said, sometimes you have to become the apex predator, the panther, in order to secure your position. I’m going to reveal the best ways to earn money online by dominating the competition.

The online industry is an entirely new environment that you can leverage and dominate your own space. Now, although competition exist, the competitive nature of any business in any market doesn’t apply if you have definitive corners to cut, an edge, and a blueprint laid out that has been tried, tested, and works wonders for your business.

The truth is, every entrepreneur fight their way to the top of the food chain, but not everyone makes it. Until now, I’m releasing a way out for all inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. In fact, this post delivers one main component that the majority know about making money online. Apex predators always find a way to capturing its prey to provide for his family, I’m providing you with truth. I hope you find this post to be an asset to your success. Let the hunt began!


6 Steps on How to Make Money Online & Dominate Your Industry


1. Research Your Market

Competition is something you shouldn’t worry yourself about too much. However, you need a few ideas, a few keywords related to your ideal business or niche that potential customers are searching for. For headers, when you start noticing a huge influx of traffic flowing to your website due to branding from social media, search engines will take notice of this. In order to increase the momentum, you have to identify top keywords to rank well for in search before this event fully occurs.

Researching your market effectively and having a clear path of how many visitors are looking for what you serve can dramatically impact your business. Like any apex predator, he knows that he must prepare for a strategic strike before striking, foremost, do your research. Search volume per month can range from 50 – 200,000 searches depending on the kind of keyword that is receiving major attention. This stems from regular human habits most of the time. Some people may search for a television show or a type of women’s dress of interest.

All search engine queries or searches made by each visiting individual is recorded and stored within a major database network for distribution to advertisers for extensive data research. Here are two of the best online market research tools available for public use that I personally use and highly recommend.


  • SEM Rush (Search Engine Marketing Rush) – One of the best independent research tools active online for collecting information and data from Google’s search behaviors. That includes search volume, tracking search engine rankings, keyword rank difficulty/easy levels. The software displays a limited view of results, as well as a limited use of 5 tries. However, signup for free to get almost unlimited submissions per keyword or website to research. Give it a try, just click here to play around with it.
  • Google’s Keyword Planner Research Tool – Another useful too that shows data that entails keyword search volume is Google’s own keyword research tool. This tool is actually used by those who advertise on Google search network, bu it can also be used for studying your own keywords for free Google traffic. Nonetheless, you a free Google account is required before you are granted entrance to this valuable tool. Go ahead, fiddle around with its functions, just click here to try it out.


2. Launch Your Website & Publishing Your Brand

To grow tremendously as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need to devote yourself to branding yourself, heavily. That requires you to launch a website of your choice with a few adjustments. All ladies and gentlemen should represent themselves with a sense of pride and understand that they harbor some type of value in which you need to succeed in any area of business. To expose your brand efficiently and effectively, it will be wise to launch a website.

There are several web host companies offering all kinds of hosting package plans. Personally, I chose Bluehost because domain and web hosting is consolidated. Many hosting services have already adopted this idea of, “all-in-one web and domain hosting plans”, but I’ve been with Bluehost for almost 10 years mow, the company has high integrity. Follow these steps:


  • Choose a Web Hosing Package Plan – Hosting cost can be a minimum of $2.95 to $5.95 a month. If you include the additional add-on fees, your expenses can round off between $120 to $150 per year. That price isn’t bad for an individual who is looking to launch a business on a shoestring budget. I suggest you pick the plan that offers unlimited domain registration. Why? There is an 100% chance that you collect a diverse amount of different domains for several odd reasons, maybe you have multiple businesses you want to operate that needs a separate website from others.
  • Register a Domain Name – Don’t make this a hard task. Just keep a few ideas in mind; plan on branding your personal name or launch a business name you’ve created that surrounds the industry you represent. If possible, mix in keywords that garners traffic from the major search engine Google. Also, the shorter the URL/domain you register, the better it can be memorized by customers, readers, leads, prospects, etc. You must figure out what type of service, product or brand you want to represent. There are several brands out there that offers referral programs that you can join and earn money from. Maybe you are already an producer of a product and need to expose what you produce online, create a theme or brand around the thing you have produced.
  • Upload and Use WordPress Blogging Platform – Located on your dashboard in Cpanel at Bluehost, you’ll find that you can install the bloggin software called WordPress. WordPress is a piece of software, and only one of the few “all-in-one” platform installs available, that is being used by millions over the world to publish content instantly on the fly. I do recommend that you join Bluehost to have access to these amazing features, such as WordPress. For example, this website that you are currently reading is using WordPress blogging software.

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3. Create Good Content (Content-Types)

This absolutely depends on the type of website theme or developed/developing brand you are affiliated with or represent. Check out what is majorly trending in your chosen industry by using tools such as Google trends, Google news, Twitter instant search, or research other blogs. Here are the three basic content-types that you will be using which is delivered in several forms that all web publishers use for creating outstanding content:


  • Writing/Text – Text is the original form of content that will always be used to describe an item, individual, or even used to write a novel/book for several odd reasons, or anything that needs in-depth description. It is basic narrative used on a daily basis by writers or anyone who has a literate background. The major entities utilized on WordPress in contest with text are headers/bullet-points/links/quotes and many others that are considered extremely usual in text.
    The best methods used for generating content; Either do your research in your industry and write content about the subject in a beautifully outlined manner by visiting libraries, online forum rooms, other blogs, social media news, etc. You can also try put in your own ideas organically, depending on your own experience on the subject.
  • Images – Books or novels contain images to better describe or catch the imagination of readers. For instance, the panther above the post may give you the feeling that the publisher or writer is serious, ferociously considerate, important, beautiful or whatever that comes to mind that causes a significant emotion.
    Most images that you encounter as a reader will make you react to the content in a certain way that causes you to either continue reading the passage, laugh, feel sad, or engage in several ways. That is normal and you should seriously think about inputting pictures in your post. Try colorful images with a little text description, describing what it may be or mean if it looks confusing like the black panther above. Find images on Instagram, Google, or many other platforms that allows you to utilize free images. Just search, “free images” + “keyword of the image you want”.
  • Videos – Video is probably the newest content-type of them all because it remains the latest type of content produced by most small business owners. However, video is the most effective content-type out of all forms sue to the fact that video is most interactive among readers. Moving pictures and sound creates a totally different outcomes. It is one of the most creative inventions in the world of content and media delivery since readers or viewers have to do lesser with their eyes in reading, but use their brain more effectively without strain on their eyes. This depends on the culture setting of the reader in most cases. Please consider creating video, it can be an effective tool for your content.


4. Market Your Brand Consistently

Can you compete with designer wearing apparel companies such as Louis Vuitton, or the handbag company Coach? Maybe, but I’ll tell you this, we live in a totally different world with technology and you can reach thousands of people in a day. That means you have as much power in hand than any corporation in operation. You don’t have to be “as big” and the giants. However, you can take control of your own market by branding yourself heavily and produce good product that can be available for purchase online. So, how do you connect with an audience? Simple, social media and search. What are your strategies and techniques to rally the masses and create a culture around your brand? It’s simple, give direction and be freakishly, outrageously, LOUD.


  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube – Personally, I’m a big fan of using Facebook! Why? You have a free membership that allows you to connect with an endless amount of prospects, billions who connect on the social network everyday. You may have found me through Facebook which is why you are present here today. In the beginning of your social media journey, you must start a business page of your own.

    Branding in Social Media – A Major Move

    Branding, a brand is a lifestyle. You are reading from a brand, Robocat. There are several products that are in the food industry, maybe clothing, however, everyone of them represent a unique twist which makes it a brand. Social media can benefit your brand dramatically if you master the art of differentiating yourself from the rest. Branding is a culture you invent out of your own imagination. For instance, we have burger restaurants everywhere in the United States, but each one does something slightly different. The logo is unique, you need a logo to stake your claim. Create a message under your brand. In most cases the taste of the burger is different too, think about McDonalds and Hardees, do they taste the same? No. Are their logos the same? Absolutely not. Pay attention to your competitors, then turn around and do it better, that it.

    At first, you will be paying for ads to inform others the services you present within your brand, try Facebook first. Facebook don’t charge you a dime until the middle and last day of the month. Don’t have enough money to use Facebook? Use Youtube for free! As you add videos, get active by commenting on videos related to your own videos. Leave informative comments and build relationships with commenters, or simply relate to them. You must engage with your audience heavily through video advertising, using video is more interactive and attractive. It makes you look like you are in control, a boss, an apex predator. Afterwords, harnessing the power of all social media outlets will be pretty simple. Here’s a few more trinkets to place under your wings:

    1. You are the face of your brand, use that.
    2. Post well thought out and detailed information.
    3. Talk about your product or service.
    4. Tell people to find you on Google.
    5. Use video to display a strong message of direction.
    6. Respond to reader’s questions more often.
    7. Remain and spread positiveness on your page.
    8. Constantly update your page 3 times(morning, noon, nite).


  • Google Search Engine – Google indexes every piece of content available that is accessible to be indexed online. With a little keyword research performed on those that generate a bit of web traffic per month and a mixture of those keywords within your content, could result to major web traffic to your post. Also, you can purchase search traffic by using Google Adwords program. Once you’ve established a fully functional website, get it forced-indexed immediately.

    Find and implement keyword phrases that people are being searched on Google’s search engine and place them in your title and content body of your article in a logical manner. Again, use the research tools mentioned above to find trending keywords that gets major traffic. After you have completed an article on your website, get it indexed. In fact, Google provides a nifty tool for you to use for indexing your content quickly, click here to use it (you must have an Google account and logged into your account before you are able to use the indexing tool).


5. Email Marketing Services – Collect Email Addresses

Now that you’ve created a website and have masterminded a plan to reach your audience and garner web traffic, its time to stay in touch with those people. The way you keep in contact with prospects and readers, you need to collect a piece of information from them, their email address. You are and should be the authority of what type of information you provide. If you are affiliated with the shoe industry, jewelry, eye wear(shades etc.), wearing apparel, health & wellness, etc. you are the expert and should insert your authority in the area you represent.

With that said, it is essential to keep in contact with your targeted audience and constantly inform them on updates of what you offer through by utilizing email. The best email marketing service on the market today is Aweber. Aweber is a very reliable company that has many useful features. Using Aweber, small business owners are able to use auto designed/upload custom designed email capture forms, collect unlimited amount of email addresses of potential customers, or setup a series of multiple email campaigns to market your product. Several visitors will come to your website and you’ll want to stay in contact with them, retrieving their email is the answer.

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6. Present a Product or Service