How to Make Money Online with Robocat

If you want to make money online, it takes consistency in branding. Become the product……..follow the cat my friend, for he’s no longer hungry, but he’s not willing to lose a scratch. – J

make money onlineDid you know that the human brain on occasion come up with at least 3 different creative ideas per year that could ultimately be useful to other people if created in a timely manner, therefore, create financial stability in your life. Yet, 99% of the population on earth is not willing to do what is necessary to see those thoughts into fruition. The truth, most people want to become very wealthy one day on this place we call planet earth, but action is required.

Some do it slowly through their employer at their corporate job collecting pensions and 401K while very few do this quickly by launching their own businesses which is smarter. Most people follow their heart’s desire to transcend into something much greater than themselves and some have that inner determination to learn a trade then completely dominate with the knowledge they’ve acquired through education and gain very big at the end of the course of that time.

The methods that I’m going to teach will develop into a snowball effect and once this began to happen you’ll notice the business you’ve started will eventually take on a life of its own, that’s called automation. To grow an empire requires steel balls to take on competition, and yes, there’s competition in several niche markets but nothing is better than having a competitive edge in skill and knowledge, I’m giving you both so their is no excuse to get started. To tell you the truth, it’s quite easy getting rich if you know how to create something that posses broad applications for massive public appeal and get a set of eyeballs to pay close attention to what it is you have created. Let’s cut to the chase, I’m going to give it to you really clear. I make money online doing only a few things summed up at the bottom. Here’s how I became an online millionaire:

………….Branding, Branding, Branding



  • Have An Idea in Mind – Like I said before, the human mind can conjure up at least 3 ideas per year, it’s up to you to realize and act upon those ideas. My suggestion is write them down immediately as you are thinking of them. I’ve done this plenty of times in my life and found that these thoughts are not only running through my own mind but other people’s mind as well. How do I know this? I notice similar ideas put into play by other thinkers that I’ve had thought about too. Jump on the idea as quick as possible if you feel that is has possible applications to solve a problem, 66% of the time it does have the potential to rectify an issue. We are all thinkers, now execute.
  • Envision The Process – You start with an idea of what you want to create and how it will affect the future preference or choices of the world, now this future you have envisioned for your products and services can be put into play. Make a plan by asking questions to make sense of your idea; Product or ServiceHow will your idea be manifested to the world; offline, online, physical material or membership services. PatentDoes your idea have patent ability. Does it cover a certain area of an product or service that contains applications that can be applied to make it better. Create a prototype or beta product to share with possible future customers! Produce: It’s time for mass production, don’t wait too long to produce a usable product. MarketingBranding has a lot do with marketing the message and uniqueness your idea carry that none of your competitors don’t. Your mission statement, logo, design, and constant hook will keep people remembering who to go to when it comes to needing a product in your niche.
  • Execute Effectively & Efficiently – You start with an idea of what you want to create and how it will affect the future preference of the world. What does executing mean as far as business goes? Taking immediate action! Now you must take on-hands action with the product or service by telling people about it, network marketing. This can be done through utilizing social networks such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, or many other social networks. Video has been great for me, and what better social video platform to use than Youtube. Search engines has played a great part of my success by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to obtain free traffic through your website, yes, to generate leads in search you must have a website or blog indexed in search and ready to produce collectible content for readers. These readers or leads more likely will purchase from your website or blog if you have something  prepared for them to purchase. Hopefully your idea is fully in affect to be produced and sold online by that time.

Overall, making money online can be done as quick as you want or as slow, it all depends on your desire to get out of the rat race called the 9 to 5 while enjoying the journey of changing the world with your brand new idea. Truthfully, whatever idea you have in mind to accomplish doesn’t have to change the world but can be served by affecting a part of someone’s life, that is another part of what being an entrepreneur is all about.