How to Make Money on Autopilot


How to Make Money on Autopilot or Make Money Online refers to the technique of making money automatically. The system operates with little to no assistance after it has been completely setup. The autopilot system includes a small investment of overhead such as hosting and email cost. Using the internet rather than traditional routes, namely brick-and-mortar, is not as efficient compared to digital space.

Once your business has gone viral, not only will you began making money online, but the entire process will be autopilot. In my opinion, this type of lifestyle allows more time to spend at home on different projects, family, and travel. Today, we are going to show the five steps it takes to start and turn a business on autopilot. At any rate, take your time and start from step one, you won’t regret it.

Here is How to Make Money on Autopilot



1. Launch a Blog 

First of all, you must launch a blog for whatever business you have in mind. Publish a domain name that matches the type of business you will be developing. The known top-level domains are .com (commercial), .net (network), .org (organization), .edu (education), .info (information), and .biz (business). Consequently, every extension is not available for use. As a result, you’d have to choose one that has not been registered by a user.

Alternative Idea for Registering a Domain Name

All things considered, use the name you were born with for the domain. Sometimes, you don’t have an idea of what to call your business, so, register your birth name. Ultimately, your focus is to to began developing your brand immediately. Becoming an authority figure or known figure surrounding a product or service is a good reason to consider naming your domain after yourself.

Blogs are easier to manage than traditional websites. You have less complicated code to deal with, therefore, you can focus purely on content creation. Blogs are convenient for beginner and advanced webmasters. Furthermore, here are the best steps to take for launching a blog on the fly.

  • Pick and Register a Domain Name
  • Find and Choose Web Hosting
  • Setup Web Host Email
  • Upload WordPress Blogging Software
  • Pick a WordPress Theme Design
  • Enable Important Plugins
  • Start Blogging



2. Choose Email Marketing Services

Eventually, you must choose the best email marketing services for the autopilot program to work in your favor. When visitors come to your website, you must collect their email addresses to keep in touch with them. These are your leads and your mission is to serve them with products that will solve their problems.

However, you need the best email marketing software so everyone in your list will receive every message you dispatch. Nonetheless, the software I personally recommend and use as a solution is Aweber. Aweber contains all attributes that a email marketing campaign needs. Lastly, here are the steps to setting up your first email marketing campaign.

  • Upload LightBox Plugin to Blog
  • Design and Create Email Capture Form
  • Input Your Web Hosting Email Address Details
  • Copy Email Capture Form Code & Paste Inside LightBox
  • Create Email Series Campaign
  • Setup LightBox Popup Time-Stamp



3. Create Good Content

Creating good content involves plenty of research on a subject and creative structuring to keep the attention of the audience. Be that as it may, you have to choose a content strategy that you are comfortable with. I’ve compiled a list different content types that are being used online. No doubt, the original content-type is text. It will always be the standard kind of content people use everyday. However, several other formats exist that are just as awesome.

  • Vlog (Video Blog) Publications
  • Monthly or Daily Podcast
  • Images (Infographs, Illustrations)
  • Online Survey Reviews, Test
  • Apps (Games, Mind Puzzles)
  • Questionnaries
  • Live Video on Social Media



4. Promote Your Website

Promoting your website may be the funnest addition to the entire process. In fact, you have unlimited ways of doing this for free and paid. In the end, either option is acceptable, as a matter of fact, try to experience both methods and see which one works best for you. Marketing for free is exciting because there’s very few limitations. However, going the paid route for building an audience isn’t such a fun ride since it can be costly.

A. Free Traffic Tactics

  • Start & share your Facebook business page to friends
  • Optimize website for Google search engine traffic
  • Post free ads on Craigslist
  • Submit helpful articles on Guest post websites
  • Create social media profiles (Pinterest, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr)
  • Try submitting to web directories
  • Write articles on IBO social. Create profile on IBOtoolbox.xom

B. Paid Traffic Methods

  • Purchase Facebook ads for your business page (likes, shares)
  • Bid on targeted keywords using Google Adwords program
  •  Advertise on other people’s website


5. Create Your Email Capture Page

As you began to grow an audience to your blog, the goal is to have them enter their details so you can send updates via email. What does this mean? Setup your email capture page, and email capture page consist of an image, message, name & email input slots, and submit button. when visitors see this page, you should want that visitor to submit their information so you can keep them updated on things that interest them.

In conclusion, with your website, email marketing system, and the right type of traffic, you can make money online on autopilot. Create a series of emails, and stamp the future date on each one. Make sure the offer is attached to the last email series to earn money. Afterwords, your assistance isn’t needed. Check in every week to ensure the system is functioning correctly.