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Web Hosting Cost that is Affordable Explained by Jermaine

Web Hosting Cost that is Affordable Explained by Jermaine Pleas

Before I launched my very own website back in the early 2000s, I was clueless about web hosting. Back in those days, small business professionals would pay thousands of dollars per hour to have a webmaster setup a dynamic website for them. Those were the golden ages for web program publishers in those days. Flash forward to 2017, it takes less that 20 minutes for a person with no programming experience to choose a web host and launch a website to began publishing good content.

What is web hosting anyways? A web host is basically a computer operating inside a computer, or most call a server that allows webpages or websites to be hosted and served on the world wide web. Without web hosting in place, a webpage cannot be accessed publicly over the internet. Web host contain several important elements, most important of them all, is the file management system where web pages are created in html format are stored until accessed through public url/domain if not remained private. In fact, the this page you are reading now is hosted on a server, without the server, access would be impossible.

So, in order to start hosting content files that contain text, video, pictures, etc. you need to purchase web hosting. Personally, I pay less that $200 for per year in web hosting. Considering the amount of money I make every single year, I have no overhead. Are you ready for me to reveal the fabulous hosting I use, Sit back and follow the cat…….

Home Based Business Opportunities to Join and Bank Big by Jermaine Pleas

I admit it, working for other people can be a pain. You must commute and be on a job site on-time early in the morning, perform task and goals that you are unproductive, give 1/3 of your day, get paid peanuts, only to do it all over again the next day. So, you are here because you want to run a home based business, although task mentioned above doesn’t have to be the case when working from home for yourself, it does require a strong work ethic and you willing to adapt growth-development to see success. Being self-employed requires self management as you are not under the guise of others. With that said, welcome to the world of entrepreneurship, all of the trials you experience will be well worth the hustle you put into your dreams.

Home Based Business Opportunities are everywhere, spread throughout the internet. Some pay well while others pay very little. You want to discover opportunities that make sense: a sensible product/service, decent compensation plan, a business that has a nice track record in profits, pays agents on-time, and shows possible growth scale overtime. There are several thousand for you to try out, however, I want to share a few that I have personally given a shot at lately. Sit back and follow the cat…….

How to Make Money Online Fast Banking $500 a Day Explained by Jermaine Pleas

The most common question I get from people is “how to make money online fast?” I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t only depends on desire, knowledge, and a skillful plan, these things do work hand-in-hand, but consistently combating failure after failure, then learning along the journey will prove your worthiness to succeed. The internet is just another platform to reach your audience but 100 times quicker, therefore, taking the digital approach should be priority before taking the brick-and-mortar approach.

Although I’ve built a few brands over the course of a few years, they would’ve not come into fruition if I’d given up on the potential within myself that I embrace so much due to my failure. Today, I give you the tools and truths that it took for me to launch my businesses online. Since education is extremely important, I’m going to keep this article short, simple, and to the point as much as possible. It’s not necessary to consume all content in one gulp, I want you to absorb it all and put everything I show you into action right away, so take your time. Sit back and follow the cat…….


6 Steps to Take on Your Journey to Make Money Online & Dominate Your Industry


1. You Need a Product or Service

You should already have some ideal product or service you’d like to promote online ready to be launched. If you have no clue what that may be, I have a few solutions for you to take advantage of, continue reading. Anyhow, now is the time to begin marketing your products through email. As your readers find your business, many will start subscribing to your mailing list, that is when you put together a strategy that leads up to the subscriber purchasing your service or product. Your email campaign will consist of a series of several emails regarding news within your industry. After about six emails, you should have gained the trust of the subscriber, solidifying your position in the field you represent.

Gained a subscriber list of 2,000 people? If you convert 10% of those subscribers in which is a total of 200 buying customers on a $50 product, that’s $1,000 profit. That doesn’t include the overhead cost which is pretty low. The biggest expenses you will have to cover is your email marketing service($19.95 a month or more depending on how big your email list is), and Facebook marketing expenses(ranging around $100 – $200 per advertising campaign, that can pay for almost 20,000 real-time video views.), that’s it.

Tip: Use Facebook marketing to gain plenty of subscribers by directing them to your email lead capture page. Reassure that your message is captivating, clear, understandable and concise to increase potential subscribers from the percentage of people who visits your page.


Join an Affiliate Program or Create Your Own Product

  • Motor Club of America Referral Program – Is your website centered around the automotive industry such as roadside assistance service? Join MCA Motor Club of America’s referral program issuing memberships to motorist. Like the brand I run, Limitless Roadside Assistance, you too can create your own brand and began offering your road service in your local areas.

    Top sales agents are making as much as $30,000 per week. Sales agents makes between $80-$90 per sale, and we get paid on Fridays. I can train you how to start your own brand, or simply join my team to market a ready-made brand. Also, within my organization, you get a training package, marketing tools online and offline, and you get to be apart a support team. Interested in this program, click here now.

  • Self-Publish Your Own Ebook – The next option is to launch your own product, preferably, your own how-to book or novel. Got a good idea for a book in your industry, it can get done for free. In fact, you don’t need an outside publisher to get your book processed and published, simply use KDP Amazon publishing program. You pick the cost of your book, front design, and create the content you choose to talk about. There are literally hundreds of topics you can choose to talk about. KDP Amazon Publishing program allows you to present your publications 2 different ways; paperback copies, online digital copies or both.

    Option #2

    Create and establish an e-book or novel absolutely by yourself using a few tools. Download Open Office application for free and use the text component to write to your master piece. You have several type of fonts, colors, designs, and the choice to insert images. These are the features used in order to engineer your dream book using Open Office. A good novel has at least 50 chapters with as much as 350-400 pages. Your body of creative work will take time, but will be well worth the efforts I’m sure.

    After you’ve completed your piece, you must save it in .PDF format, then upload it to your blog or website. Afterwords generate an “ahref” link for customers to download the book. Third, use Paypal to collect money for your book. Fuse your blog page that has a live download link to your Paypal checkout page so that the customer can download the book after paying the price. Millionaires have been made using this method, but don’t get your hopes up, you must put together a good traffic source by using the strategies described throughout this post, however, you have an equal opportunity to ban big with your book too.

  • Sell Your Items on Amazon – Have a reliable source that supplies you with unlimited amount of merchandise to sale on Amazon? If so, you can bank hugely and create a six-figure income consistently per year. Another option you have is purchase items at your local store and resell them online for a nice profit margin. Do this by comparing prices online using an mobile app, if the item is not listed on Amazon or is being offered much cheaper at your local merchant store, you can earn very well, very soon. Check out the price comparison apps to download on your Android or Apple mobile phone by clicking here to see what is available. The import thing is download one of these apps to start comparing prices immediately, so you can purchase the items, list them on Amazon, and make money.


2. Research Your Desired Market

The market you want to be apart of must have some kind of economic value in order for it to make you money. Competition is something you shouldn’t worry yourself about too much. However, you need a few ideas, a few keywords related to your ideal business or niche that potential customers are searching for. For headers, when you start noticing a huge influx of traffic flowing to your website due to branding from social media, search engines will take notice of this. In order to increase the momentum, you have to identify top keywords to rank well for in search before this event fully occurs.

Researching your market effectively and having a clear path of how many visitors are looking for what you serve can dramatically impact your business. Like any apex predator, he knows that he must prepare for a strategic strike before striking, foremost, do your research. Search volume per month can range from 50 – 200,000 searches depending on the kind of keyword that is receiving major attention. This stems from regular human habits most of the time. Some people may search for a television show or a type of women’s dress of interest.

All search engine queries or searches made by each visiting individual is recorded and stored within a major database network for distribution to advertisers for extensive data research. Here are two of the best online market research tools available for public use that I personally use and highly recommend.


  • SEM Rush (Search Engine Marketing Rush) – One of the best independent research tools active online for collecting information and data from Google’s search behaviors. That includes search volume, tracking search engine rankings, keyword rank difficulty/easy levels. The software displays a limited view of results, as well as a limited use of 5 tries. However, signup for free to get almost unlimited submissions per keyword or website to research. Give it a try, just click here to play around with it.
  • Google’s Keyword Planner Research Tool – Another useful too that shows data that entails keyword search volume is Google’s own keyword research tool. This tool is actually used by those who advertise on Google search network, bu it can also be used for studying your own keywords for free Google traffic. Nonetheless, you a free Google account is required before you are granted entrance to this valuable tool. Go ahead, fiddle around with its functions, just click here to try it out.


3. Launch & Publish Your Website

To grow tremendously as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need to devote yourself to branding yourself, heavily. That requires you to launch a website of your choice with a few adjustments. All ladies and gentlemen should represent themselves with a sense of pride and understand that they harbor some type of value in which you need to succeed in any area of business. To expose your brand efficiently and effectively, it will be wise to launch a website.

There are several web host companies offering all kinds of hosting package plans. Personally, I chose Bluehost because domain and web hosting is consolidated. Many hosting services have already adopted this idea of, “all-in-one web and domain hosting plans”, but I’ve been with Bluehost for almost 10 years mow, the company has high integrity. Follow these steps:


  • Choose a Web Hosing Package Plan – Hosting cost can be a minimum of $2.95 to $5.95 a month. If you include the additional add-on fees, your expenses can round off between $120 to $150 per year. That price isn’t bad for an individual who is looking to launch a business on a shoestring budget. I suggest you pick the plan that offers unlimited domain registration. Why? There is an 100% chance that you collect a diverse amount of different domains for several odd reasons, maybe you have multiple businesses you want to operate that needs a separate website from others.
  • Register a Domain Name – Don’t make this a hard task. Just keep a few ideas in mind; plan on branding your personal name or launch a business name you’ve created that surrounds the industry you represent. If possible, mix in keywords that garners traffic from the major search engine Google. Also, the shorter the URL/domain you register, the better it can be memorized by customers, readers, leads, prospects, etc. You must figure out what type of service, product or brand you want to represent. There are several brands out there that offers referral programs that you can join and earn money from. Maybe you are already an producer of a product and need to expose what you produce online, create a theme or brand around the thing you have produced.
  • Upload and Use WordPress Blogging Platform – Located on your dashboard in Cpanel at Bluehost, you’ll find that you can install the bloggin software called WordPress. WordPress is a piece of software, and only one of the few “all-in-one” platform installs available, that is being used by millions over the world to publish content instantly on the fly. I do recommend that you join Bluehost to have access to these amazing features, such as WordPress. For example, this website that you are currently reading is using WordPress blogging software.
Ready to Join Bluehost and Start a Beautiful Blog? Click Here Now!


4. Create Good Content (Content-Types)

This absolutely depends on the type of website theme or developed/developing brand you are affiliated with or represent. Check out what is majorly trending in your chosen industry by using tools such as Google trends, Google news, Twitter instant search, or research other blogs. Here are the three basic content-types that you will be using which is delivered in several forms that all web publishers use for creating outstanding content:


  • Writing/Text – Text is the original form of content that will always be used to describe an item, individual, or even used to write a novel/book for several odd reasons, or anything that needs in-depth description. It is basic narrative used on a daily basis by writers or anyone who has a literate background. The major entities utilized on WordPress in contest with text are headers/bullet-points/links/quotes and many others that are considered extremely usual in text.
    The best methods used for generating content; Either do your research in your industry and write content about the subject in a beautifully outlined manner by visiting libraries, online forum rooms, other blogs, social media news, etc. You can also try put in your own ideas organically, depending on your own experience on the subject.
  • Images – Books or novels contain images to better describe or catch the imagination of readers. For instance, the panther above the post may give you the feeling that the publisher or writer is serious, ferociously considerate, important, beautiful or whatever that comes to mind that causes a significant emotion.
    Most images that you encounter as a reader will make you react to the content in a certain way that causes you to either continue reading the passage, laugh, feel sad, or engage in several ways. That is normal and you should seriously think about inputting pictures in your post. Try colorful images with a little text description, describing what it may be or mean if it looks confusing like the black panther above. Find images on Instagram, Google, or many other platforms that allows you to utilize free images. Just search, “free images” + “keyword of the image you want”.
  • Videos – Video is probably the newest content-type of them all because it remains the latest type of content produced by most small business owners. However, video is the most effective content-type out of all forms sue to the fact that video is most interactive among readers. Moving pictures and sound creates a totally different outcomes. It is one of the most creative inventions in the world of content and media delivery since readers or viewers have to do lesser with their eyes in reading, but use their brain more effectively without strain on their eyes. This depends on the culture setting of the reader in most cases. Please consider creating video, it can be an effective tool for your content.
  • Consistently Create & Publish Content – Create a slew of in-depth articles surrounding your target subject on a constant basis, or at least post 5 articles a month related to your industry. For instance, if your blog is about sportswear, you can break down that industry by talking about the newest shoes for jogging, etc. Again, use Google or Facebook to find trending topics that people are talking about. After you complete the article, have it indexed by Google immediately. Remember, keyword tools are wonderful for discovering keywords that garners web traffic. Find keywords related to each post and have Google pickup your content as quick as possible. Through WordPress blogging software, content can be published very fast and distributed to your audience.


5. Market Your Brand Consistently

Can you compete with designer wearing apparel companies such as Louis Vuitton, or the handbag company Coach? Maybe, but I’ll tell you this, we live in a totally different world with technology and you can reach thousands of people in a day. That means you have as much power in hand than any corporation in operation. You don’t have to be “as big” and the giants. However, you can take control of your own market by branding yourself heavily and produce good product that can be available for purchase online. So, how do you connect with an audience? Simple, social media and search. What are your strategies and techniques to rally the masses and create a culture around your brand? It’s simple, give direction and be freakishly, outrageously, LOUD.


  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube – Personally, I’m a big fan of using Facebook! Why? You have a free membership that allows you to connect with an endless amount of prospects, billions who connect on the social network everyday. You may have found me through Facebook which is why you are present here today. In the beginning of your social media journey, you must start a business page of your own.


    Branding in Social Media – A Major Move

    Branding, a brand is part of a lifestyle you portray. You are reading from a brand, Robocat. There are several products that are in the food industry, maybe clothing, however, everyone of them represent a unique twist which makes it a brand. Social media can benefit your brand dramatically if you master the art of differentiating yourself from the rest. Branding is a culture you invent out of your own imagination.

    For instance, we have burger restaurants everywhere in the United States, but each one does something slightly different. The logo is unique, you need a logo to stake your claim. Create a message under your brand. In most cases the taste of the burger is different too, think about McDonalds and Hardees, do they taste the same? No. Are their logos the same? Absolutely not. Look what delightfully designing has to say about colors in branding. Pay attention to your competitors, then turn around and do it better, that it. For example, here is one other brand I’ve created here —> (LIMITLESS)

    At first, you will be paying for ads to inform others the services you present within your brand, try Facebook first. Facebook don’t charge you a dime until the middle and last day of the month. Don’t have enough money to use Facebook? Use Youtube for free! As you add videos, get active by commenting on videos related to your own videos. Leave informative comments and build relationships with commenters, or simply relate to them. You must engage with your audience heavily through video advertising, using video is more interactive and attractive. It makes you look like you are in control, a boss, an apex predator. Afterwords, harnessing the power of all social media outlets will be pretty simple. Here’s a few more trinkets to place under your wings:

    1. You are the face of your brand, use that.
    2. Post well thought out and detailed information.
    3. Talk about your product or service.
    4. Tell people to find you on Google.
    5. Use video to display a strong message of direction.
    6. Respond to reader’s questions more often.
    7. Remain and spread positiveness on your page.
    8. Constantly update your page 3 times(morning, noon, nite).


  • Google Search Engine – Google indexes every piece of content available that is accessible to be indexed online. With a little keyword research performed on those that generate a bit of web traffic per month and a mixture of those keywords within your content, could result to major web traffic to your post. Also, you can purchase search traffic by using Google Adwords program. Once you’ve established a fully functional website, get it forced-indexed immediately.

    Find and implement keyword phrases that people are being searched on Google’s search engine and place them in your title and content body of your article in a logical manner. Again, use the research tools mentioned above to find trending keywords that gets major traffic. After you have completed an article on your website, get it indexed. In fact, Google provides a nifty tool for you to use for indexing your content quickly, click here to use it (you must have an Google account and logged into your account before you are able to use the indexing tool).


6. Email Marketing Services – Collect Email Addresses

Now that you’ve created a website and have masterminded a plan to reach your audience and garner web traffic, its time to stay in touch with those people. The way you keep in contact with prospects and readers, you need to collect a piece of information from them, their email address. You are and should be the authority of what type of information you provide. If you are affiliated with the shoe industry, jewelry, eye wear(shades etc.), wearing apparel, health & wellness, etc. you are the expert and should insert your authority in the area you represent.

With that said, it is essential to keep in contact with your targeted audience and constantly inform them on updates of what you offer through by utilizing email. The best email marketing service on the market today is Aweber. Aweber is a very reliable company that has many useful features. Using Aweber, small business owners are able to use auto designed/upload custom designed email capture forms, collect unlimited amount of email addresses of potential customers, or setup a series of multiple email campaigns to market your product. Several visitors will come to your website and you’ll want to stay in contact with them, retrieving their email is the answer.


So, why is it very important to collect emails from readers?

That is a simple question so I’m going to reply with a simple answer, repeat customer stability! Sure, a person may become a customer by trying out your products in the beginning, however, in order for a business to be a successful flourishing business, recurring customers are needed, hence repeat customer (don’t believe me, ask Apple Computers). Using email marketing can help you announce more products & services that you have to sell. In the long run, one valued customer could mean thousands of dollars in the future by communicating and keeping in contact utilizing email marketing. Every major corporation in world implement email, don’t get left behind.

“When you create a capture lead page which is specifically for collecting emails, make sure the page is attractive and you actually tell the person to subscribe. Create a video, video is a very effective technique to connect with leads emotionally. Give people a good reason to join your mailing list. Be an authority in your field, explain your position in your niche thoroughly.”


Grab Your Free Trial of Aweber’s Email Marketing Service, Click Here Now!
Allow the professionals at Aweber to guide you with setting up your first email marketing campaign or view the video guide provided.

Overall, I anyone can learn how to make money online, but you must put what you learn into action as soon as you can. The truth is, everyone can create an edge for themselves online, its your brand, its your name, because we are all different. So, let’s look at ourselves as something of value and create something worthwhile because you “ARE” worthy, you have something of worth.

make money online with black panther

make money online with black panther

Let’s be real, everyone wants to learn how to make money online, but it takes passion and desire. People are born with an ambition to fight their way to the top, regardless of the obstacles that lay ahead. With that said, sometimes you have to become the apex predator, the panther, in order to secure your position. I’m going to reveal the best ways to earn money online by dominating the competition.

The online industry is an entirely new environment that you can leverage and dominate your own space. Now, although competition exist, the competitive nature of any business in any market doesn’t apply if you have definitive corners to cut, an edge, and a blueprint laid out that has been tried, tested, and works wonders for your business.

The truth is, every entrepreneur fight their way to the top of the food chain, but not everyone makes it. Until now, I’m releasing a way out for all inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. In fact, this post delivers one main component that the majority know about making money online. Apex predators always find a way to capturing its prey to provide for his family, I’m providing you with truth. I hope you find this post to be an asset to your success. Let the hunt began!


Want to Learn How to Make Money Online? Click Here


Email Marketing Strategy & Services Recommended by Jermaine

email marketing servicesEmail Marketing is a method used by individuals or corporations in order to increase revenues by marketing to consumers by means of email. Email Marketing Services are provided by organizations to help other businesses, individuals, or institutions keep in touch with customers via email. Most, if not all modern email software are made and fashioned by independent technology companies. The most popular email technological institutions serve the international business community. 


How Does Email Marketing Work?

Webmasters who has a constant fluctuation of web visitation, want to keep in touch with the audience who have managed to discover their web property. If the visitor is satisfied with the content, they subscribe to email list for more updates by leaving their name, email address, and other forms of contact before leaving the webpage.

Visitors are often called leads, potential buyers of products and services who may make purchases from the website owner in the future. Usually, website owners grow a customer base organically through search engines. However, readers are hugely active on major social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram and the famous video sharing website, Youtube.  

Some people make email marketing look complicated when it’s truly not at all. You don’t need a computer programmer expert background to figure out the mechanics, just join an email marketing company that specializes in the field. My personal favorite is Aweber. 


Step by Step Guide to Email Marketing

Today, hundreds and thousands of small business owners are growing within their industries using email marketing techniques. I’m going to share useful skills, including my personal favorite software programs I am currently using to collect emails successfully so that you can become achieve greatness too.

I encourage all readers who are reading this to install WordPress Blogging Platform. Why? It’s easier to manage your time and content efficiently, it is the #1 publishing tool in the world and you get tons of plugins and themes for better functionality of your web property. 


1. Purchase & Install Aweber  

First of all, I find Aweber to have the greatest integrity when it comes to proper email marketing structure, tools, and support team. As soon as you become a member, their staff is on the job to insure your success. They actually have professionals to guide you every step of the way to your first email campaign. 

The forms are presented as wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) designs. You can hire someone to do wonderful design templates to upload on your form or simply download CorelDraw Suite of tools to have fun designing your own stuff. Like I’ve stated before, you don’t need hardcore high education in computer programming.

Copying and pasting html code is all the knowledge you need to know for implementing naked HTML code on your web property.  


2. Create Creative Catchy Content

I always tell entrepreneurs, use the 4Cs (Create Creative Catchy Content). People aren’t only social, but very interactive. They will respond to content that makes them happy or sad and usually, you want to have a positive impact on people. The ultimate goal is to get plenty of subscribers before they exit your website. 

For instance, you can use a phrase if you are in the cake baking industry such as, “Never Leave Home Without Baking A Proper Chocolate Cake, Get Free Secrets to The Cream by Subscribing Below”. A statement like that is very relevant and will help the webmaster gain curious subscribers. Words like ‘secret’, ‘you’, ‘create’, and ‘Free’ are attractive to readers. Remember to deliver and remain dedicated to each promise though, readers hold you to that.  


3. Install Lightbox Pop

You need WordPress for this, I hope you’ve followed my advice and have installed the software. It only takes 5 minutes to compete. Anyways, go to plugins and search for “Lightbox Pop”. This tool was made for shifting the focus from content to your subscriber form. After downloading in your plugin section, simply activate it. Go to the settings and add your Aweber form inside the text area. You can set the time limit before the popup screen activates, (1 second to 100 seconds if you desire).

Once the lightbox pop plugin has triggered, you will notice a dark color cast covering the background of your message. This is for removing your audience focus from your posted content and returning it back to the popup message of the form. You can access the background and timer settings through the dashboard area.


4. Create a Series of Emails to Send

As an Aweber member, you have the power to connect with your subscribers at any given time. If you desire to share insight on a subject that you have information about a problem that can be solvable, simply start an email series. In the members area, name your campaign, create a league of detailed text emails, then, setup requested dates for them to be sent out accordingly. For the next 2 weeks you must relate to your audience by communicating with them surrounding their pains. Give free information, solutions, or have them download an E-Book.


5. Share Your Product or Service Via Email Marketing

Last but not least, it is time to began sharing your products and services using email. During the series of emails, you need to start mentioning more solutions to solve a problem. Began sharing great products that you’ve already predetermined that can solve their problems that can also earn you money. This is where you began making money online.

Overall, email marketing’s sole purpose is to not only maximize profits, but help people too. Huge companies have already reached heavily in this market, you can too if you give it a try.

How to Make Money on Autopilot


How to Make Money on Autopilot or Make Money Online refers to the technique of making money automatically. The system operates with little to no assistance after it has been completely setup. The autopilot system includes a small investment of overhead such as hosting and email cost. Using the internet rather than traditional routes, namely brick-and-mortar, is not as efficient compared to digital space.

Once your business has gone viral, not only will you began making money online, but the entire process will be autopilot. In my opinion, this type of lifestyle allows more time to spend at home on different projects, family, and travel. Today, we are going to show the five steps it takes to start and turn a business on autopilot. At any rate, take your time and start from step one, you won’t regret it.

Here is How to Make Money on Autopilot



1. Launch a Blog 

First of all, you must launch a blog for whatever business you have in mind. Publish a domain name that matches the type of business you will be developing. The known top-level domains are .com (commercial), .net (network), .org (organization), .edu (education), .info (information), and .biz (business). Consequently, every extension is not available for use. As a result, you’d have to choose one that has not been registered by a user.

Alternative Idea for Registering a Domain Name

All things considered, use the name you were born with for the domain. Sometimes, you don’t have an idea of what to call your business, so, register your birth name. Ultimately, your focus is to to began developing your brand immediately. Becoming an authority figure or known figure surrounding a product or service is a good reason to consider naming your domain after yourself.

Blogs are easier to manage than traditional websites. You have less complicated code to deal with, therefore, you can focus purely on content creation. Blogs are convenient for beginner and advanced webmasters. Furthermore, here are the best steps to take for launching a blog on the fly.

  • Pick and Register a Domain Name
  • Find and Choose Web Hosting
  • Setup Web Host Email
  • Upload WordPress Blogging Software
  • Pick a WordPress Theme Design
  • Enable Important Plugins
  • Start Blogging



2. Choose Email Marketing Services

Eventually, you must choose the best email marketing services for the autopilot program to work in your favor. When visitors come to your website, you must collect their email addresses to keep in touch with them. These are your leads and your mission is to serve them with products that will solve their problems.

However, you need the best email marketing software so everyone in your list will receive every message you dispatch. Nonetheless, the software I personally recommend and use as a solution is Aweber. Aweber contains all attributes that a email marketing campaign needs. Lastly, here are the steps to setting up your first email marketing campaign.

  • Upload LightBox Plugin to Blog
  • Design and Create Email Capture Form
  • Input Your Web Hosting Email Address Details
  • Copy Email Capture Form Code & Paste Inside LightBox
  • Create Email Series Campaign
  • Setup LightBox Popup Time-Stamp



3. Create Good Content

Creating good content involves plenty of research on a subject and creative structuring to keep the attention of the audience. Be that as it may, you have to choose a content strategy that you are comfortable with. I’ve compiled a list different content types that are being used online. No doubt, the original content-type is text. It will always be the standard kind of content people use everyday. However, several other formats exist that are just as awesome.

  • Vlog (Video Blog) Publications
  • Monthly or Daily Podcast
  • Images (Infographs, Illustrations)
  • Online Survey Reviews, Test
  • Apps (Games, Mind Puzzles)
  • Questionnaries
  • Live Video on Social Media



4. Promote Your Website

Promoting your website may be the funnest addition to the entire process. In fact, you have unlimited ways of doing this for free and paid. In the end, either option is acceptable, as a matter of fact, try to experience both methods and see which one works best for you. Marketing for free is exciting because there’s very few limitations. However, going the paid route for building an audience isn’t such a fun ride since it can be costly.

A. Free Traffic Tactics

  • Start & share your Facebook business page to friends
  • Optimize website for Google search engine traffic
  • Post free ads on Craigslist
  • Submit helpful articles on Guest post websites
  • Create social media profiles (Pinterest, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr)
  • Try submitting to web directories
  • Write articles on IBO social. Create profile on IBOtoolbox.xom

B. Paid Traffic Methods

  • Purchase Facebook ads for your business page (likes, shares)
  • Bid on targeted keywords using Google Adwords program
  •  Advertise on other people’s website


5. Create Your Email Capture Page

As you began to grow an audience to your blog, the goal is to have them enter their details so you can send updates via email. What does this mean? Setup your email capture page, and email capture page consist of an image, message, name & email input slots, and submit button. when visitors see this page, you should want that visitor to submit their information so you can keep them updated on things that interest them.

In conclusion, with your website, email marketing system, and the right type of traffic, you can make money online on autopilot. Create a series of emails, and stamp the future date on each one. Make sure the offer is attached to the last email series to earn money. Afterwords, your assistance isn’t needed. Check in every week to ensure the system is functioning correctly.

MCA Reviews


Most MCA Reviews aren’t very practical, but this Motor Club of America Review is my honest, own personal opinion. I have actually experienced what the growing company has to offer. As a matter of fact, the membership has been a great use to me and my family. Whenever I needed a tow, the organization would send a truck my way. As a result, take a look at the reasons why I chose to continue representing MCA.

My MCA Rating

In addition, here are a few considerations anyone interested in the 90 year old company should consider. Above all, think about the opportunity of being apart of something special. Within the automotive industry, nothing has ever been offered like this before. For Motor Club of America, I give it a 5/5.

  1. Towing Service up 100 Miles Per Day
  2. Exclusive Savings in Discounted Services Up to 65% Off
  3. Legal Benefits for Motorist During Traveling National
  4. Referral Program Paying 200% Per Referral
  5. You are the Boss, not the Employee


MCA Careers

mca careersMCA Careers or Motor Club of America Careers is an referral program devised by TVC Marketing Inc. Individuals partner with them as independent contractors, distributors, or sales associates. Presumably, the goal is to assist in distributing Motor Club of America roadside assistance memberships to the public.

Moreover, the towing service feature is mainly presented by contractors since its the big seller of all in the plans. You must be 18 years and up, living in the United States or Canada to participate. Marketing materials are provided by the organization in PDF format.


Applying to Become an Salesman

TVC Matrix is the main website that outlines the business & services created and owned by TVC Marketing Inc. Members or non-members can signup to the referral program to began promoting the organization’s membership packages. All things considered, you can become apart of this opportunity for free.

In fact, individuals participate at “Motor Club of America” by joining teams in terms of learning how to effectively market. Overall, associates get a free website that leads customers to the list of security plans via referral link. Finally, here is how you apply for the sales associate program.

  • Visit
  • Click on “become an associate”
  • Fill out the form
  • Create your username/referral link
  • Start Marketing


TVC’s Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are for producing interest in what you are selling. Nonetheless, marketing materials such as printable pdf flyers, postcards, bumper stickers and more are to help promote the business. In any case, if you join with someone to receive training, the materials provided would be relatively different.

Ultimately, training would include paid social media and possibly video marketing. Furthermore, offline marketing promotional material is dispersed such as shirts, detailed postcards, business cards, and more among teams.


MCA Compensation Plan

TVC Marketing pays its associates every single Friday. However, make at least one sale or more the prior week in order to receive a payment. The percentage paid is 200%, that is 80$ for each personal lead a distributor converts into a sale.

Managed to turn 30 leads into monthly subscribers, the agent earns $90 per customer, that’s $2700 in a week.  Take a look at the compensation plan below. Above all, the MCA Motor Club of America work from home program has taken off for ambitious entrepreneurs.


mca compensation plan

Motor Club of America Scam

Motor Club of America Scam or MCA Scam refers to an ongoing debate, opinions and claims pertaining to the legitimacy of the automotive organization, MCA. Controversies are widespread, particularly through independent media outlets. Stated fraudulent allegations stems from blogs, social media groups, video publish networks, etc.

Allegedly, independent published media persist on passing MCA off as a pyramid scheme with no evidence or factual documents. To combat and protect the integrity of the corporation, agents, members and affiliates utilize several forms of online communications to decimate unappropriate discussions affiliated with MCA.


MCA Referral Program Controversy 

MCA Referral Program or MCA Careers arm tends to draw the majority of negative reviews. Despite the enormous attention, the company is still in existence. A great proportion of long-lasting members reassign as authorized agents, promoters, distributors or sales associates to appoint motorist for coverage. In turn, the associate receive a commission or referral fee after the transaction is complete.

Motor Club of America has raised many eyebrows concerning the insatiable corporate compensation payout structure. MCA pays associates twice as much(200%) the payment per member for every one customer that signs up on a single membership plan. MCA compensates their associates by via direct deposit on Fridays.  At least a single sale made or more per week, will guarantee the associate earn the percentage in the agreement.

Associates are granted two ways to promote the offer; recruit a team to do the selling for them, then earn occurring team profits or focus on pure direct sales. Although individuals market the service a variety of ways, skeptics dispute, and question if the methods are unethical practices. The argument surrounds agents mentioning the business opportunity more than the benefits to potential consumers in order to boost and increase sales.


Ripping Off Consumers

Speculators suggest participants pay excessive charges compared to existing Motor clubs on the market, based on speculation. This hypothesis occurred in the beginning of 2013, then expanded over segments at a time.


Unofficial Evidence of Scam Claims – Independent Point of Views

The accounts made has no legible proof, or practicality in order to confirm the accusations, therefore, these are deemed unauthorized assertions. Without proper evidence or documentation, proving the road service company is bogus, it has been fairly difficult and unconvincing to share information that is accurate against MCA. The following list are statements and links that have not been verified as sources or interpreted for personal use, these are strictly examples of postings of those who oppose MCA and those who enjoy the benefits.

Motor Club of America History


motor club of america history

MCA History

Started in 1926, Mr. William W Green founded Motor Club of America (Originally known as Motor Club of America Insurance Company, the subsidiary). As the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of MCA, For over 60 years in the United States of America, Mr. Green had advanced his company to greater heights with the assistance of several members of his family up until the end of 1986 Atlantic City, NJ, things had only gotten better.

In 1987, TVC Marketing Inc, better known as “Truckers Voice in Court”, deal with truck drivers who needed legal representation in court for automobile related incidents. This company was launched and lead by no one other than Mr. Virgil Coffee for almost 3 decades.As a native of the state of Texas, Virgil didn’t get his start with TVC but was a master in marketing during the 1960s.

Putting his marketing genius to work, he played a major part in the success of the now fortune 500 company, Pre-Paid Legal (Legal Shield). The detailed marketing proposal for Pre-Paid Legal (Legal Shield) was commissioned by Mr. Coffee which proved great results for the accomplishments obtained during his presence at that company.


With major experience in the Sporting Goods industry, Virgil had a stake in many retail stores, but sold them after making a decision to head towards Oklahoma and join the Motor Club industry to issue policies in which he’d soon reign as president of the company before launching his own startup, TVC Marketing Inc. 

Moving Forward

His presence at TVC Marketing had extended to new levels, as he continued to move forward with his career at Pre-Paid Legal, now known as, “Legal Shield” for coming years. His Prowess as a marketer helped his company see huge gains and returns over the course of many years.

These marketing methods were used to catapult TVC Marketing in the automobile industry through road service membership distribution. The organization consistently defy the odds today while cementing (MCA) Motor Club of America as a huge player.

TVC Pro-Driver, a policy issue used by truck drivers, was the only flagship product at TVC. The company opened its doors to the everyday motorist in the coming years. The packages had refreshed with service benefit savings and more

Basically, this include unlimited travel roadside assistance for the average driver throughout the United States and Canada. Exclusive discounts, health & leisure discounts, credit card protection, legal benefits was additional.


Memberships for the Everyday Driver

Overall, MCA created three type of packages for deployment. The security memberships release to the public was in the beginning of 2011. That includes MCA Security, MCA Security Plus, and MCA Total Security which is our bestseller (flagship product). The United States & Canada carry these plans exclusively.

Also, benefits and savings are available for use, along with the opportunity to become a sales agent of MCA. Once you are a sales agent, you can begin generating a weekly income.  Introduce motorist who need roadside assistance coverage to the company and you earn a commission once sold.

Motor Club of America has developed advance plans and are available for purchase. The MCA Total Security Gold and MCA Total Security Platinum plans is now available in 2012. Last but not least, over 6,000 auto repair and service centers nationwide are available through the newest editions provided by MCA.

People interested in saving money for auto related expenses will see this as a great deal. Legal benefits are increases as you upgrade your membership package. Motor Club of America with its founders, and sales associates are 7,000,000 members strong. Most of all, we believe in keeping the public safe while structuring a better lifestyle for the average motorist.